Network: Philosophical-Historical Works

Network: Philosophical-Historical Works
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Network: Philosophical-Historical Works


Contemporary academic philosophy is dominated by the view that “historical” and “systematic” research should be distinguished. Generally speaking, “historical” thereby means the reconstruction of previous philosophical positions while “systematic” designates referring to current debates and contexts of arguments while also refraining from examining the historical contexts from the history of philosophy.

Even though there can be no doubt about the heuristic value of this distinction, it proves to be problematic from theoretical perspectives, which has far-reaching consequences for the concept of philosophy itself.

The Network Philosophical-Historical Works will thus discuss how historical approaches can complete systematic methods and even fundamentally co-determine their core contents. As a platform, this network serves (interdisciplinary) scientific exchange concerning philosophical research as situated between historical and systematic questions – and does so by also taking recourse to archive sources and materials. We invite you to join the conversation, to organize conferences and to publish papers together.



Julia Gruevska (FSU Jena), Nicholas Coomann (FSU Jena), Max Beck (FSU Jena), Dr. Kevin Liggieri (TU Darmstadt)



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